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Our Vision



As a result of operating orphanages and children’s homes in SE Asia for over 18 years, EF has realized that the only way to advance in a third world country is through a good education. Having all our orphanages in rural areas, where access to good schooling is very limited meant that our kids were getting a subpar education. In SE Asia, it is crucial that children attend good schools since an early age in order to maximize their chances to enter a good university. Consequently, most of our rural graduates, unfortunately, have never come out of the cycle of poverty due to a lack of a quality education. 

With this in mind, EF has decided to begin a new model by starting an orphanage in an urban area of Chiang Mai and sending our students to the best schools possible. We started Mango House in May 2012, and currently have 36 children. In 2015, we finished phase 1 of our building project to meet our growing needs as well as to meet all the legal requirements as an orphanage. In 2017, we started phase 2 of our building project to build much needed classrooms as well as living areas to increase our capacity to 50 children. As of July, 2018 we are about 90% finished and we hope to finish by August, 2018. For more information about our building project, click here.



our values

defined by



To grow spiritually mature...to be able to discern God's leading for our lives. 


To be adored by God
and to love Him with
all our hearts. 

N-ever give up

To persevere in the
life that God has called
us to live.  


To experience the grace of God and be willing to extend that grace to others. 


To simply obey God
when His will is made
known to us.



current project

Building for
the future

  New dorm being built at Mango House.

New dorm being built at Mango House.

In 2015, we finished the first phase of our new Mango House and now we are in the process of beginning our second and hopefully the final phase. In this phase, we are preparing to build a 3 floor building to be our future home for girls (boys will remain in the current dormitory). Separation of boys and girls are critical for our orphanage license and furthermore this new building will allow for us to have more children. On the first floor, we are looking to build much needed classrooms to serve our growing educational purposes. Second and third floors will be the living area for our girls. As of July, 2018, constructions are still ongoing and we are seeing tiles on the floor and paint on the walls! We are hoping to finish by August, 2018. 

Please continue to pray for us as we try to meet the always growing needs of our children at Mango House!