Elijah Foundation




We started Sunflower Orphanage at the end of 2007. The orphanage is based in 2 locations and currently has 58 infants/small children. The age of our children range from newborn babies to 7 years old. Most of our newborns are taken from young mothers, whom we convinced not to abort and leave their babies to our care. It is our hope to raise these babies with Christian values and care, and hope that in the near future adoption into loving Christian families can be possible. 

Our special ministry: In Vietnam, like many other developing countries, many young women move from their rural homes to the cities for the promise of jobs and a new life. However, most of these young ladies find that the reality is not as promising, and find themselves vulnerable to different types of exploitation that sometimes result in pregnancy. Due to the extreme "shame culture" ("losing face") in Vietnam (and rest of Asia), they have a hard time returning home and most find themselves aborting their babies. Our ministry involves teaching/counseling/supporting these young mothers. As a result, some of these mothers decide to keep the babies and leave them to our care. Young would be mothers often live with us at our orphanage until they have their babies and almost all of them give up their babies to us and move on with their lives.. 

Our other special ministry involves giving proper burial for those babies that have been aborted. We regularly visit hospitals and clinics where aborted babies are thrown out and we carefully collect them, cremate them, put them in a small jar, name and number them, and bury them in our grave yard, which is located next to our orphanage. The contrast between the graveyard and the infants growing up in the orphanage (which were saved from abortion) is the true beacon and value to our Sunflower Orphanage.