There are many creative ways to fundraise.  One in particular that have been very successful have been through Marathons and other running/walking fundraisers. (Click here to see George's Marathon fundraiser for Mango House.)  If this interest you and would like to help us fundraise, please fill out the form and let us know your heart and vision and we will contact you to start the conversation. Thanks!

mission trips

If you like to travel, we would like you to visit our ministries and serve for a period of time. It could be for a day running VBS or for a year teaching English. If you have a calling for a specific purpose and it matches our vision and purpose, we would like to see you on the mission field with us! When you contact us, please specify when you plan to visit, how long you plan to stay, who/how many people will be coming, and brief background of yourselves and your goals for the mission trip.

matching program

Connect your company with EF! Please note that most companies match their employee’s contributions to charitiy organizations. As an IRS recognized 501(C)(3) charity, Elijah Foundation has received generous matching contributions from many corporations such as Starbucks, Baxter, Dell, Nokia, GE, AllState, Google, Blackstone, MacArthur Foundation, etc. Please take the time to research your company policies and add us to their matching gift program. All required documents are available upon request.

Social Media

If you are always using Facebook or Instagram, come to our social media pages and "like" or "follow" us. You will be amazed how a simple click can bring together people with similar passions and causes.


If any of the opportunities interest you, please fill out this form and write the corresponding title in the subject line. Thank you!

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We are always looking for volunteers who like to organize cause driven events to meet our specific needs. For example: our Sunflower Orphanage is always in need of baby formula milk because breastfeeding is not possible. Other examples are: Gathering toys, clothes, medicine, books, and other supplies to meet our growing demand. One can also organize support through special occasions like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Birthdays, “Missions Month” at local church, etc.